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Dean Spanner

Director - Queensland Law Society Accredited Specialist


Dean specialises in an area of law which is subject to strict advertising laws limiting what we can tell you on this particular page of our website.

He is a Queensland Law Society Accredited Specialist in his area of expertise. He is one of approximately 110 such accredited specialists in Queensland (there are approximately 8,600 solicitors in the state).

You can find Dean's area of expertise under Practice Areas on this site.

Since 1989 Dean has helped many people through traumatic events in their lives. He summarises his approach as follows:

“Achieving the best possible financial outcome for my clients is paramount. However I also focus on ensuring the physical and emotional wellbeing of my clients is protected along the way”.

Dean also practises in the areas of Wills/Estate planning, Criminal Law and Commercial Litigation. His broad wealth of experience includes:

  • Working in insurance litigation in the United Kingdom
  • Involvement in cases which have reached the Queensland Court of Appeal

Memberships and Leadership

  • Australian Lawyers Alliance
  • Queensland law Society